Project Partners

WIL Employment Connections (WIL)


WIL was founded in 1984 as Women Immigrants of London Resource Service Centre - a non profit community organization dedicated to facilitating the social integration needs of immigrant women within our community.

Over the years, WIL has responded to the expressed needs of its clientele by providing employment counselling, preparation and placement services for both immigrant men and women. While developing these services, we also added a variety of career development and job search solutions for Canadian men and women. WIL's success has always been measured by the success of our clients, and our services focus on the full cycle of employment - from effective job search skills to finding employment and job satisfaction in the workplace.

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London Cross Cultural Learner Centre (CCLC)

The CCLC has educational programs to help Londoners understand other cultures and learn about global issues. Since 1968 when the first collection of educational materials was put together by students at the University of Western Ontario we have built a library including books, magazines, and videos that teach Canadians about issues overseas and about ethnic communities in Canada. The Cross Cultural Learner Centre is a settlement service agency. Each year, CCLC helps over 2,000 Newcomers to Canada. We offer settlement counselling, English language testing, translation of documents, employment counselling, social support, advocacy and assistance in accessing local medical, educational and social services. Our full-time staff includes over 25 people from a variety of countries and cultures who speak many languages including Arabic, Chinese, French, Persian, Polish, Spanish and Vietnamese.

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